3D KIDS aims to transform education to a whole new level by the concept of TOUCH BASED LEARNING. 3D KIDS is the first in INDIA to introduce 3D Printing Technology as a Curriculum based learning system for school children which is mapped to the school’s curriculum.


We train the children in 3D modelling software and kinder their creativity by giving them concept based STEM Projects mapped to their subject. Training on operating the 3D Printer is also given to the children. Children understands the subject concepts, designs it in 3D Software using their creativity and experience their IDEA come to Reality with the 3D Printer. ” POWER OF MANUFACTURING “


TEACHING AIDSWe help teacher’s teach their subjects by designing and giving them prototypes both to teachers and students. Right from language subject to science subjects teaching AIDS would be helpful. Students get to touch and feel whatsoever they are learning. ” TOUCH BASED EDUCATION “
3D CLUB3D Club is formed in every school which is open to Students and Teachers, they are welcomed to develop their creative ideas into working models. Workshops and inter-school competitions will be conduct and student will be exposed to a new way of thinking.