3D Kids


3d-kids-logo3D KIDS aims to transform education to a whole new level by the concept of touch based learning. 3D KIDS is the first in INDIA to introduce 3D Printing Technology as a curriculum based learning system for school children.

3D KIDS takes three different forms in training the children,

A 3D CLUB is formed in every school and industry based basic designs are taught to students who are interested to learn apart from the syllabus. Different industries are targeted and an exhibition is conducted on each industry. We bring technical persons from the industry to conduct workshops also.


We train the children in3D Modelling software and kinder their creativity by giving them concept based projects.

Training on operating the 3D Printer is also given individually so that, the UNDERSTAND the concept, DESIGN in 3D modelling software and PROTOTYPE their design in the 3D Printer.


We help Teachers teach their subjects by designing and giving the prototype, so that they explain with prototype to the students. We even give students the prototype for them to touch and feel anything they learn
as their teacher explains.